Animal Medical Hospital

2459 Bellevue Avenue
West Vancouver, BC V7V 1E1


Local Trainers

Ann Jackson

Denise Holowolenko

Training information

My Smart Puppy (Brian Kilcommons' site, author of Good Owner, Good Dog) - check out the LIBRARY in the bottom left corner for some excellent articles on behavior problems.

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (used to temperament test puppies BEFORE purchase, to be used with the book Dog Training For Dummies by Jack & Wendy Volhard)

Cat Fence-In containment system to keep your cat in your yard

Invisible Fence for cats and dogs

Slow down, you eat too fast; gotta make the moment last - An excellent article on how to keep your dog busy while he's eating, and to SLOW DOWN the eating process. Great for those whose dogs eat an entire meal in 7.3 seconds.

Other animals

Dendrobatids (poison dart frogs) and vivarium construction

Pet health information

Zoonotic diseases - Appropriately called "Worms and Germs", it's a veterinarian's blog (from the Ontario Veterinary College) about the things that you can get from your pet, and how to avoid them. Great for all pet owners, especially those with two-legged children.

Pet Safety

Information on in-home monitoring cameras for pets.





Animal Medical Hospital
2459 Bellevue Avenue
West Vancouver, BC
V7V 1E1
Tel: 604-926-8654
Fax: 604-926-6839

Animal Medical Clinic on Georgia
1338 West Georgia
Vancouver, BC
V6E 4S2
Tel: 604-628-9699
Fax: 604-926-6839

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