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Medical Links


Here are some links to other veterinary and medical sites that you might find useful. If you find information on these sites that appears to conflict with anything you have been told at Animal Medical Hospital, please check with us. Please contact us especially before changing any medications or dosages or adding any supplements to your pet's treatment regime.

Vancouver or local veterinary referral sites:

Canada West Veterinary Specialists & Critical Care Hospital

Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic

Northwest Nuclear Medicine for Animals

Zoonotic diseases (things you can get from your pet, and vice versa). Important for everyone, but especially families with kids: Worms and Germs Blog

Cancer in pets:

Angel Care Cancer Center

Veterinary melanoma website

Orthopedic disease sites:

Extracapsular ligament repair surgery (cruciate repair)

TPLO surgery (cruciate repair)

Luxating patella surgery

Hip dysplasia


Good dental home care with pictures of brushing teeth

Periodontal disease, dental disease

Diabetes information:

Diabetes Mellitus Center on Veterinary Partner

Layperson's site on diabetes in cats, has some good information on diets and other support


Canine Epilepsy Network

Home treatment of cluster seizures





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