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2459 Bellevue Avenue
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Welcome to Animal Medical Hospital (AMH)


Animal Medical Clinic on Georgia (AMC)


Effective immediately, our hours have been changed to the following:

Animal Medical Hospital, West Vancouver

Appointments and Rx/food pickups 9 am – 5 pm on Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri

Open Saturdays 9 am - 12 pm for Rx/food pickups

Closed Wednesdays & Sundays.

Animal Medical Clinic on West Georgia Street:

Rx/food pickups 11 am – 5 pm Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri

Appointments Mondays 12-5 pm, Thursdays 5-9 pm, and every other Saturday 9-5 pm (starting May 23)

Alternate Saturdays 1-4 pm for Rx/food pickups

Closed Wednesdays & Sundays.

UPDATED AUGUST 3, 2020:  With the cooperation and help from all of our wonderful clients (thank you!), we at Animal Medical are still doing well, staffing the clinics, answering phones, and seeing patients. We are short staffed currently, as some of our staff are parents with kids who are not in school, so the call volume can be overwhelming. There are times when we may ask whether we can call you back a little later when things are not so busy; please don't take this to mean we don't care about your pet. We will call back!


Do not come to either clinic if you have a fever, cough, any signs of a cold or the flu, or any respiratory signs.

  • If your pet is sick and needs care and you (or anyone in your home) have respiratory symptoms, we require that you send them with a friend or family member who has not been exposed to you. Call the clinic for further discussion of procedures.
  • If you are positive for COVID-19 TELL US. We won’t refuse to see your pet, but we will take more precautions to protect ourselves. Call the clinic for further discussion of procedures.


Clients WILL be allowed in the clinic if they want to be, but only one at a time. Clients int he clinics MUST WEAR EFFECTIVE MASKS that cover the mouth and nose.The masks must not have an exhalation valve (this allows unfiltered air to exit the mask toward the person in front of the wearer).

We are required to maintain a 2 meter distance from clients, and within the work space we try to maintain a 2 meter distance between staff members whenever possible. Because this is not possible in examination rooms, clients will not be allowed in the exam rooms with their pets. This is for your protection as well as ours. Appointments are deliberately spread out to avoid overlap of clients in the reception area and allow us to disinfect between patients. Please send ONE PERSON per visit in most circumstances. Practice good social distancing with all staff while in the clinic. Stay 2 meters away at all times. Please follow the directions of staff.


We are currently open for ALL appointments - urgent cases and more urgent routine appointment (such as dogs that need booster vaccines to go back to daycare) still take priority, but we are starting to see annual wellness examinations and vaccine appointments.

  • It is important from a public health perspective that puppies and kittens continue to receive their recommended vaccine series and parasite treatment.
  • We are resuming elective surgeries (spaying and neutering) as staffing allows.
  • We will be resuming dental services gradually over the next 4-6 months.
  • If you have a medical problem with your pet, please CALL THE CLINIC. We are here to help.

CALL AHEAD, no matter why you want to come to the clinic. If you are just coming to pick up food or medications we will pre-process your transaction so that you do not have to enter the clinic. We can also take the food or medication outside to you so you don’t have to enter the clinic.

We need a GOOD history of your pet's problem. The best way to do this is to EMAIL us with your take on what’s happening. Please include details like:

  • When (as closely as possible) the problem started
  • What it looked like when it started
  • Whether it has changed over time
  • What you have already done to help your pet (medications, diet, etc)

For dogs, we will be coming outside and will take the leash from you. Please don’t let your dog off the leash!

Cats MUST BE IN CARRIERS. Please disinfect the tops, sides, and handles of the carrier AT LEASTS 24 HOURS before you come to the clinic. Cats are very sensitive to inhaled chemicals and many disinfectants will cause cats to cough and may induce bronchitis. Clean the carrier well and let it air out for several hours before putting the cat in it.

For some appointments we are able to have video conferencing. If that isn't an option the vet will speak to you on the phone after the appointment. We’ll need a cell phone number (make sure your phone is charged) to contact you.

PAYMENT: If you really want to come inside and pay using the POS machine you can, but alternatives exist. For most clients we are taking credit card numbers over the phone and processing payments that way. If you need to use the POS machine, we are requiring people to use hand sanitizer before touching it, and we are disinfecting it after each use.

CONTINUE TO BE GOOD CANADIANS. Keep calm, stay away from one another, wash your hands like you mean it, be kind to one another, don't get all of your information from social media, share your stuff (but not your virus), and do your best to protect others from this disease.

Thank you for helping us stay healthy, and keeping yourselves healthy, too.

Dr Wilkie, Dr Sharp, Woei, Sarah, Janelle, Jacqui, Lauren, and Brian




AMH is a general practice veterinary hospital located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. With the hospital only a block from the waterfront, the West Coast "atmosphere" permeates our practice both literally and figuratively. 

AMC is an outpatient clinic near Coal Harbor in Vancouver. It's a short hop over the Lionsgate Bridge from the North Shore, and within easy walking distance for many downtown residents. The clinic is at the base of the east tower of the Lions Building, with a view of Georgia Street and the grassy, treed terraces out front. Click over to the "AMC on Georgia page" (up on the Home tab) and hit the Facebook link to get to the AMC page, or just click here.

Our goal at both practices is to provide medical care in a setting that is relaxing for you and your pets, and to have fun doing what we love. We hope you will refer your family and friends to our practice.

Feel free to browse through our site. If you want more information about our practice please call or email.

Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to serving you.

If you have an emergency, please contact
Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre at 604-879-3737, or Canada West emergency at 604-473-4883.







Animal Medical Hospital
2459 Bellevue Avenue
West Vancouver, BC
V7V 1E1
Tel: 604-926-8654
Fax: 604-926-6839

Animal Medical Clinic on Georgia
1338 West Georgia
Vancouver, BC
V6E 4S2
Tel: 604-628-9699
Fax: 604-926-6839

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