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Pet Insurance

We encourage the use of pet insurance. It removes the barrier of cost from the question of whether to treat your pet. For some of our patients it is literally life-saving.

There are many, many pet insurance providers in Canada that provide very different products. Because we are not insurance brokers we are (legally) not able to counsel you on what policy to purchase or from what company.

At this point you probably don’t even know what kind of questions to ask about a policy. That’s where Pet Insurance University comes in. This is a site based in the USA, and deals mainly with American insurance companies (though there is some overlap between American and Canadian companies). Its usefulness to you is that it has an excellent Guide to Pet Insurance, a series of short posts that explain insurance terms and what to look for in a policy. These guidelines are almost all applicable to insurance in Canada and will be very useful in your decision-making process.

If you do decide to get pet insurance, LET US KNOW THE NEXT TIME YOU ARE IN. If you request, we can provide you with a certificate for a free month of insurance after your pet's first examination (currently we are doing this with Trupanion). This doesn’t mean that you need to continue with Trupanion, it basically just buys you a month in which to do some research online and decide whether you want insurance at all and make your own arrangements for it.

The certificate has a code on it that must be activated online within 24 hours of your pet’s examination. They’ll ask some basic questions, and you’re covered for the next month.





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