Animal Medical Hospital

2459 Bellevue Avenue
West Vancouver, BC V7V 1E1


Reception Area

Because our appointments tend to run on time, there isn't too much waiting going on. We have ample seating for clients, and plenty of room for pets to avoid each other if they so choose.


Our reception area has a large bay window, so there is lots of natural sunlight and we have some thriving plants. On the lower left you can see the cookie bar ... more on that below.







From the seating area you can see the glass block walls of the examination rooms, the walk-on scale for the larger pets, shelves of "maintenance" products like medicated ear cleaners, medicated shampoos, multivitamins, toothpaste, and disposable pet travel boxes. There's the cookie bar again on the top shelf on the right.






This is the favorite part of the clinic for most dogs. We encourage owners to come by while in the neighborhood and let their dogs have a cookie (or two or three). The cookies in the tin cans on the top shelf are fair game, the dogs can sample whichever cookies they want. Many clients have commented that their dogs are very relaxed here. Many will drag their people down the street in their eagerness to get to AMH. This is due in no small part to the rewards of the cookie bar! We generally have a variety of cookies, including low-calorie and hypoallergenic for dogs with particular allergies.





Animal Medical Hospital

2459 Bellevue Avenue

West Vancouver, BC
V7V 1E1
Tel: 604-926-8654
Fax: 604-926-6839

Animal Medical Clinic on Georgia

1338 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC
V6E 4S2
Tel: 604-628-9699
Fax: 604-926-6839

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