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Who We Are

Registered Veterinary Technologist: Janelle, Woei, Sarah

Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist: Radka, Jacqui, Lauren, Hilary, Kayla

Hospital Administrator, IT Guy, Pet Limo Driver, General Get-it-done Guy: Brian

Timmy's Procurement Specialist: Kayla

TimTam Consumers: Janelle, Woei, Hilary, Sarah, Lauren, Jacqui, Hilary, Radka, Brian


Dr Cathy Wilkie

Dr Wilkie graduated from WCVM in Saskatoon in 1996. She practiced in the Fraser Valley for a few years, then took over the practice at AMH in 2001. She has a particular interest in radiology, anesthesia & analgesia, and preventing veterinarian-associated anxiety in pets. She is active in the College of Veterinarians of BC, and on the Veterinary Information Network as an associate editor in radiology.

In her free time she plays video games (Diablo 6 is the most recent one to catch her interest) and hangs out with her cats (two slightly crazy youngsters), as well as doing the usual things that married human beings do together, like mutually pretending to enjoy golf. She doesn't have much time to travel, because she owns a small business and thinks it would go down the tubes if she spent too much time away. Also, holy cow, is it ever expensive to go anywhere interesting. But that's another conversation, and we'll see how many people actually read these bios. She also just might have a dry sense of humor.

Dr Catherine Sharp

Dr. Catherine Sharp was born in Vancouver, and knew from an early age that she wanted to become a veterinarian.

Dr Sharp completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. She then spent     a few years traveling and working in the agricultural field, mainly in South Africa and Australia. She studied Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in Australia, graduating in 2005, and briefly practiced emergency medicine in Perth before returning home. Since returning home, she has practiced at Capilano Pet Hospital, as well as several feline-only hospitals. Her special interests include feline medicine, preventative medicine and dentistry. She aims to provide stress-free visits for owners and pets alike.

Dr Sharp resides on the North Shore with her husband and two school aged children. Together they enjoy life with a Golden-Doodle named Astro, a hamster named Michael and many tropical fish. Outside of work, Dr. Sharp spends time on Saltspring Island, volunteers with the parents at Ecole Pauline Johnson, the West Vancouver Football Club and she enjoys playing tennis, hiking with her dog, doing yoga, and traveling with her family.


Dr Alexine Crofts

Dr. Crofts was born and raised in Vancouver but has called the North Shore home since 2015.   She has always had a passion for all animals and their care.  Growing up, she rode horses, had several cats and was surrounded by puppies as her family bred English Cocker Spaniels.  This might be why she thinks puppy breath is one of the best smells on earth.

She graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 2005 and during that time also had the opportunity to work abroad with wildlife in Africa and locally worked at the Marine Mammal rescue society in Vancouver helping orphaned seal pups.  Since graduation and previous to Animal Medical Hospital she worked for over 15 years at a busy multi-vet Hospital in Richmond.  During her tenure there she garnered a love for internal medicine and the intricate nature of challenging cases.  She enjoys surgery, in particularly challenging lump removals and wound care. She has a strong passion for preventative and wellness medicine and has seen what a difference a proactive approach has in the longevity of her patients.

She spends her time outside of work with her husband and two school aged daughters, coaching soccer, skiing at Whistler, running with her dog Hobbes and vacuuming up the fur of her long haired cat Lucky.





Animal Medical Hospital

2459 Bellevue Avenue

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