Animal Medical Hospital

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Startup supplies

Box of 3 treatment vials (labelled with your pet's name)
Syringes (1 ml syringes individually packaged)
Needles (25g 5/8")
Dosage Schedule


General instructions

  • Select a time of day when you can observe your dog for at least 45-60 minutes after the injection.
  • Do not feed your dog or exercise him heavily for an hour before or after the injection.
  • Make note of the clinic hours in the event of a rare adverse reaction, you will need to contact Dr. Wilkie or the emergency clinic.
  • Keep all vials in the refrigerator (2-7C). DO NOT FREEZE.
  • Injections should be administered subcutaneously, using sterile needles and syringes.
  • This program will vary with the individual; the schedule provided serves as a guideline only.
  • Be familiar with the instructions that come with the extract regarding injection frequency and what to do in case of the common, minor adverse reactions.
  • Slightly increased itching is common during the low-dose (or build-up) phase. Make note of changes in behavior (excessive sleepiness or hyperactivity, excessive itchiness) and contact Dr. Wilkie before continuing the injections.
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, labored breathing, collapse, or hives over the entire body are serious and should be treated as an emergency. Contact a veterinarian immediately.


Giving the injection

Get the appropriate allergen extract vial from the refrigerator.

Remove the syringe from the casing, being careful not to touch the tip. Remove the clear plastic end cap (not the red part) from a needle and place the needle firmly on the syringe tip.

Remove the red cap from the needle. Invert the extract bottle and insert the needle through the rubber port on the bottle. Fill the syringe to the required level, tapping the syringe to remove unwanted air bubbles.

Hold the skin on the back of your dog's neck. Pull up on the scruff area to make a little tent. Make a door in the tent with your forefinger.

Insert the needle gently (but firmly) through the skin into the "door" of the tent.

Pull back on the plunger slightly, making sure that there is no blood. If there is, remove the needle and try again. If you get a large amount of air, you may be all the way through the skin and out the other side. Remove the needle and try again.

Slowly inject the allergen extract.





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